New Features – Header Logos, Project Colors, File Attachments

New year, new features! ????

We're starting 2017 off strong by releasing a few new features that you're sure to love!  Check them out:

Logo and company name on call sheets

Yes!  It's finally here!  You can now add an image and company name to the top of the call sheet.  And you can customize the order and layout of those elements as well!

Customize the content and order of the call sheet header!

Project colors

Now your call sheet can match the look and feel of your project.  Just choose a primary and accent color for your project and BOOM: all future call sheet emails and mobile call sheets will be updated to match!
SetHero Call Sheets Custom Project Colors

Choose primary and accent colors

SetHero Call Sheet Cast and Crew Email Templates

Make your call sheet emails match the look and mood of your project!

SetHero Mobile Film Call Sheet

The mobile view of the call sheet will also match your selected color palette!

Attaching files is now simpler

We improved the call sheet builder by adding a tab dedicated to file attachments.  You can see how many files are attached at a glance and easily add or remove files.  Files will be attached to the call sheet email and also linked to on the mobile call sheet. SetHero Film Call Sheets File Attachments

Expandable work area

A few users told us they felt a little cramped while building a call sheet, so we wanted to provide the option to free up some screen space. Now you can hide the call sheet preview to make more room for editing your call sheet settings.  Go big or go home!
SetHero Online Call Sheet Builder - Live Preview

Easily show or hide the call sheet preview.


Coming soon...

Production Reports!  That's right; we're working hard on making your life easier, so you can easily turn a completed call sheet into a daily production report!  We're excited to release this feature within the next few months.   Login to check out the new updates for yourself! [themo_button text="Login to SetHero" url="" type="standard" target="_blank"]   Happy new year everyone; we're so grateful for your support this year and are excited for what 2017 has in store! Luke-Signature   [alert heading="Want a certain feature?" type="alert-info" block="true" close="false"]Comment below to let us know what you want us to build next! We take your suggestions seriously.[/alert]

Making a film soon?

We can help you organize your shoot. Check out our Digital Call Sheets and Cast & Crew Management software.

Luke DeBoer

Luke is a filmmaker, developer, and designer. He is also the founder and CEO of SetHero, where he is on a mission to create the film set of the future. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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