SetHero User Spotlight: Meagan

We have some of the very best users here at SetHero! Sometimes we just have to shine a spotlight on how awesome they are! 2nd AD Meagan Motley just wrapped a production using SetHero and took the time to share with us the impact it's had on her work:  
SetHero walked me through each day of filming!
I loved that I could simply answer the questions that SetHero asks regarding the details for the each day. I never forgot anything! It’s also so aesthetically pleasing and well organized. I like check-lists, and SetHero is like one big, beautiful checklist that walks me through all the filming details for the following day.  
It kept track for me and saved me so many phone calls!
If a cast member confirmed via email or text that they have received all the information for the next day, I didn’t have to repeatedly call them to follow up. The cast and crew also enjoyed receiving SetHero e-mails and often asked: “What is this software? It's really cool! I've never seen it before."  
It’s worth the investment!
SetHero allowed me to take on more work than I otherwise would have been able to. It made me more valuable to the production overall. It’s a big time-saver, and they have INCREDIBLE customer service. I’ve been spoiled rotten by SetHero, and I don't look forward to the day when I work on a production that doesn't use it. I’ve never built a call sheet without SetHero, and I would struggle to create my own spreadsheet system from scratch. Hopefully I'll never have to and can convince any producer I work with that SetHero is worth the investment!   You heard it here first folks! SetHero is worth the investment! Thank you, Meagan, for being a great user; we're honored to have you on board!

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Leslie Ruiz

Leslie is a filmmaker, artist, and businesswoman; she’s also a devout list maker, shops for relaxation, & has a strong aversion to the color red.

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