The 10 Best Filmmaking Podcasts

Recommendations for the Year 2022

Filmmaking podcasts are a great way to learn new skills and seek inspiration. They have become popular in recent years as they provide unique insight into a topic. In fact, many filmmaking podcasts are created by people who already work in the film industry. So, why not take advantage of these free resources and learn from professionals. 

In this article, we list our top 10 favorite filmmaking podcasts by theme. We hope that one of these will inspire you to keep pushing toward your greatest filmmaking potential!

1. Script Notes

Script Notes has a new episode uploaded every Tuesday and is hosted by Hollywood screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels). The podcast covers topics such as ‘how to find an agent and ‘how to copyright your screenplay‘. They also provide lots of writing advice, answer questions and even read listeners’ scripts. Check out their backlog of evergreen screenwriting advice, including interviews with other screenwriters and industry professionals. 

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2. Indie Film Hustle

  • Topic: Interviews 
  • Episode length: 30-90min 
  • Where can you listen: Soundcloud Website 

A weekly podcast by filmmaker and Indie Film Hustle blogger Alex Ferrari. Each episode focuses on interviewing a successful filmmaker who shares honest filmmaking advice. Previously he has spoken with Oliver Stone (Wall Street), Richard Linklater (Slacker) and Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead). They also have two more podcasts on screenwriting and directing – Bullet Proof Screenwriting and The Director’s Series

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3. School Of Doc

  • Topic: Documentary
  • Episode length: 60min 
  • Where can you listen: Apple Podcasts 

This monthly filmmaking podcast focuses on documentary filmmaking. It explores the whole production process from idea to pre-production and distribution. It’s hosted by director David Altrogge who has created a handful of his own successful feature-length documentaries. Each episode interviews a documentary filmmaker about their projects, how they plan and fund, and sell their films

4. No Film School

No Film School, the popular filmmaking blog, hosts its very own weekly podcast. Although aimed toward film students, the episodes cover a range of topics from screenwriting to editing and producing. They also have advice on cameras, filmmaking techniques, and exploring film criticism. Recent episode topics include ‘should you pay for script coverage’ and an interview with Dolph Lundgren. It’s a very general podcast that will have something for everyone. 

The 10 Best Filmmaking Podcasts

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5. The Director's Cut

From the Director’s Guild of America, this podcast interviews director’s on their latest project. It aims to provide behind-the-scenes stories of today’s most talked-about films. The concept is that an upcoming director is interviewed by one of their peers. Conversations previously have involved Stephen Spielberg, Baz Luhrmann, and Paul Greengrass. It’s an honest insight into the film industry and what it takes to bring a director’s vision to life.

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6. The Business

Produced by KCRW, journalist Kim Masters of the Hollywood Reporter discusses in-depth entertainment news. Filmmaking podcasts don’t typically focus on the business side of making films. So, this can offer a unique perspective covering issues such as sexual harassment on set and studio deals. There are lots of interviews and even investigative journalism. Past guests include Ava DuVernay, Matt Damon, and Ice Cube. 

7. Film Riot

From the creators of the Film Riot blog and YouTube channel, this podcast covers all filmmaking topics. Unlike other filmmaking podcasts, they also interview below-the-line crew from student coordinators to VFX artists and costume designers. It aims to teach the whole process from pitching, to sound mixing and selling feature films. The episodes come out once a month, but they are very in-depth and worth listening to. 

8. Write On

  • Topic: Screenwriting Technique
  • Episode length: 30min
  • Where can you listen: Apple Podcasts 

This Final Draft’s screenwriting podcast on how to navigate the screenwriting industry. They interview screenwriters, agents, managers, and producers on how to make a living writing and how to work with screenplays. Many filmmaking podcasts have a broad focus, so it’s great to see one that sticks to a specific topic. Recent episodes include interviewing the writers of ‘Last Night in Soho’ and ‘You’ showrunner Sara Gamble. 

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9. Team Deakins

Learn cinematography from Roger Deakins and wife/collaborator James Deakins. The award-winning DP discusses lighting, camera, and film business. Team Deakins also answers listeners’ questions and interviews various talented filmmakers, including directors and ADs. Recent episodes include interviewing Roberto Schaefer, cinematographer of films Quantum Of Solace and Monster’s Ball. The podcast is 2 years old and has a vast archive of past episodes for you to search through.

10. 3rd & Fairfax - The WGAW Podcast

  • Topic: Screenwriting Interviews 
  • Episode length: 60min
  • Where can you listen: Website 

The Writer’s Guild of West America podcast uploads weekly episodes exclusively on the topic of screenwriting. WGWA covers how to break into the industry and get noticed as a screenwriter. They also interview talented writers who break down their work process and personal advice on tackling this industry. It’s very Hollywood studio-focused but a must-listen for anyone working in screenwriting and development. 

In Conclusion - Best Filmmaking Podcasts

Filmmaking podcasts are a flexible way to consume information whilst on the go. You can listen whilst commuting to work, or even whilst exercising. Many are between 30-60min long and can fit around your current schedule.

There are always new skills to learn in the film industry, and podcasts can help you keep up to date. Why not try one of these podcasts above as a new learning resource! And remember, they have a whole backlog of content to search through!

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Amy Clarke

Amy is a film blogger based in Liverpool UK. She worked on numerous productions, working her way up from independents to major budget feature films. Amy now works as a blogger writing about the film industry. You can follow her work at

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