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Create Call Sheets in the Cloud

Build Call Sheets

Custom Call Sheet Builder

Tired of spending countless hours wrangling formulas in Excel just to make a call sheet? With SetHero, creating a call sheet is a breeze in our simple yet powerful editor. Pick your call times, drag your scenes in order, tack on a department precall… building professional call sheets has never so easy.

Professional Template

We spent weeks designing our call sheet template from the ground up, guided by the voices of dozens of industry professionals. The result is a call sheet that is both simple to read and completely professional.

Intelligent Suggestions

SetHero is more then just a fancy template; it's a whole new way to work. We've trained SetHero to know what a good call sheet should be like, so it can spot errors or make suggestions like getting weather forecasts or alerting you if you are scheduling overtime.

All call sheet features

Automatic map links

Google map links can be automatically included for company moves.

Automatic weather forecasts

Automatically load weather forecasts and sunrise / sunset times based on your shoot location.

Customizable template

Choose which sections you want to include and drag them in order. Even add your own sections!

Attach files

Attach files such as PDFs or images to your call sheets for everyone to access.

Personal call times

You can set custom call times for each cast and crew member. Add precalls to entire departments with just one click.

Custom branding

With the custom branding add-on, you can upload your own header logo and remove SetHero branding.


Call sheets are optimized for an app-like experience when viewed on a mobile browser.

Download PDF

Download a PDF of the call sheet at anytime.


You can include a custom watermark on PDF downloads to denote draft versions.


Build your shooting schedule for the day. You can also include an advance schedule for the next shooting day.


List your cast members and their key times like pickup, arrival, makeup, and blocking.

Extras and stand-ins

List any extras, standins or doubles in their own section, along with headcounts and call / wrap times.

Single or multi-page

You can completely customize your page size and where you want page breaks to occur.

Printer ready

The call sheet templated is designed to be printer-friendly and ink-saving.

Quote of the day

You can optionally include a section with a fun quote of the day. A great way to make your call sheet a little more engaging.

Instant Production Reports

With one click, SetHero will intelligently copy relevent information from a call sheet over to a production report.

Week at a Glance

We invented a new section to include on call sheets called “Week at a Glance”. Your team will love it! Coming soon


On the mobile version of the call sheet, you can click on anyone's name to get options to call, text or email them.

Walkie channels

You have the option to list walkie channel assignments for departments. Coming soon

Cascading time changes

Did call time get pushed? When you change the main call time, that change can also be cascaded to all other times!

Publish Call Sheets

Publish via email and text

You have the power to publish your call sheets via email and/or text message and can preview what the messages will look like before sending.

Mobile-ready design

We went beyond just a responsive web page. When cast or crew open your call sheet on a mobile device they will feel like they are using a custom app built just for them.

Customizable email style

Choose your own color scheme and add a custom message to your emails, so you come across just how you want to.

Add custom messages

Add specific messages for each person to receive along with their call sheet. This way you can remind Jimmy to wear deodorant tomorrow without putting it on the call sheet. Coming soon

Set reply-to address

Choose what address replies to the call sheet email should be sent to so that you can handle any questions.

Seamless revisions

Plans change. So we’ve made it super easy to revise your call sheets and then rebroadcast them in just one click.

Call Sheet Publish Via Text
Call Sheet Track Cast and Crew Confirmations

Track / Confirm Your Cast & Crew

Track confirmations

See who has confirmed their call time so you can make sure everyone is on the same page.

See who’s viewed

This is almost creepy. You can see who has opened their call sheet and how many times they’ve viewed it.


If you wish, you can choose to have SetHero auto send followup messages sent to people who haven’t confirmed their call time by a certain time. Coming soon

Delivery reports

View insights about emails that bounced or were marked as spam, so you can know right away when the message didn’t get through. Coming soon