Cast and Crew Management for Video Production Companies

Manage Contacts

Work Better. Together.

Finally, there is one place for all your production contacts to live, so you can stay in sync across projects. We believe that good communication begins with proper organization.

Organize media production company contacts with SetHero


Import / Export with Excel

Get started quickly by importing your contacts from an existing spreadsheet.   At any time you can export your contact lists, crew lists, and cast lists to Excel spreadsheets.

Merge contacts

Got duplicates? It’s easy to merge multiple contacts together into one.

Sort, filter, and group

Powerful data management tools allow you to sort your contacts, filter by multiple criteria, and group contacts based on specific fields.


Assign crew / cast

Assign your contacts to a crew position or a character role.  There is no limit to how many roles you can assign people to (whether cast or crew) so it is truly flexible to your needs.

Customize departments and positions

Each project comes with pre-populated lists of crew departments and positions.  However, this is totally customizable, so you can have as many or as few departments as you want and can create your own positions for what you need.

Disable emails or texts

You can disable call sheet emails or texts on an individual basis for each contact in your project.  This ensures that no one gets bothered with a text or email that they didn’t want.

Organize cast and crew contacts
View call sheet cast and crew contacts on mobile device


Unlimited collaborators

Share your projects with collaborators so they can work with you. There’s no limit to the number of people that you can make admins on a project, allowing access to everyone who needs it.

Shared contacts

Cast and crew contacts are stored in your company and can easily be shared between projects.  This prevents duplicate data and allows you to update someone’s contact info and have that reflected across all projects they are part of.


On the mobile view of the call sheet, your team can view crew contacts (if you allow them to) and easily text or call people with just a tap.