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The Grain + Glass team on set planning a shot for Bentley x Sean Brock production

Grain & Glass is an award-winning global creative video production company founded by Michael Nielsen in 2015.

Company Type:

Full-Service Production Company

Primary Location:

Tampa, FL

Notable Clients:

  • Bentley Motors
  • Pennzoil
  • Sean Brock
  • Breegan Jane
  • Ashley
  • Publix Paws

See how Grain + Glass boosted their productivity by 70%.


Life before SetHero was challenging. When it came time for call sheets, we were always recreating an excel spreadsheet, looking for talent contacts, and trying to keep everything organized. And when something changed it threw everything off.


After we discovered SetHero, the thing that surprised me the most was just how quickly it became an essential part of our workflow. Now, when it’s time to get on set, there’s no question regarding what platform we’ll use to get our call sheets out.


We’re significantly more productive now that we’re using SetHero. Spinning up a new call sheet for a shoot is quick and simple, and our clients love the experience of receiving their call sheets by text message. 

Q: What's the secret to maintaining a good set / production?

Michael Nielsen

Owner & Director

“Treat your cast and crew like gold, make them feel respected and valued, and they’ll pour their hearts into the work. The human element is so critical.

I just believe it’s vital to keep things positive on set. A negative or angry environment just kills creativity and morale. I always strive to lead with optimism and encouragement – that really brings out the best in people.

Pre-production is huge too. You can never overprepare when it comes to planning, storyboarding, scouting locations, and getting all your ducks in a row beforehand. That makes the actual shoot run like clockwork.

And finally, a good idea can come from anywhere, so I try to foster an open, collaborative environment on set. You never know where that flash of genius might originate, whether it’s from a producer, cameraperson, or even an intern. I want everyone to feel they can contribute.

So in summary – positivity, people first, meticulous pre-production, and encouraging free creative flow. Those are the ingredients for a great shoot in my experience!”

- Michael

We Power Production People 

We Power Production People 

We Power Production People 

We Power Production People 

We Power Production People 

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