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Production Reports

Finally, no longer a chore

By integrating smartly with your call sheets, these production reports are quick to create, simple to edit, and easy to share.

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Production Reports for film production built in the cloud
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Create faster

Instant creation

The days of re-entering information for a second time are over. Once you’ve built a call sheet in SetHero, you can spin off a production report in just one click. Information from that call sheet is intelligently copied over to the report. So all you have to do is tweak the details and then you’re done!

Custom report builder

With SetHero, building your production report is a breeze in our simple yet powerful editor. Pick your times, drag scenes in order, select cast members… building a professional production report has never so easy.

Auto-calculating data

SetHero auto-calculates a lot of the data for you. Things like total page counts, accumulative coverage totals, overtime hours, and crew headcounts are all calculated without you having to lift a finger.

Increase insights

Detailed template

Our production report template was created with the input of dozens of industry professionals. We made sure to include all the details you might need, including things like detailed, union-ready cast time logs and crew clock times, overtime, meal penalties, and more.

Automatic statistics

Metrics matter. Let’s put your data to work to get the maximum amount of insights! Our reports include useful metrics that help you track your progress over time. This includes things like shoot averages for the number of scenes and pages shot per day and daily vs average overtime hours.

View trends

Did you work more overtime this week than last week? Did you average more pages per day this week over last week? Knowing which direction you’re heading over time helps to identify problem areas or success trends.

Curled page preview of printed Production Report
Share Production Reports with link

Share easily

Send Prelims

Easily share preliminary or completed production reports via email. Recipients will receive an email with the production report PDF attached and a link to view it online.

Sharable Link

Grab a link to your production report that you can use for sharing. This allows anyone with the link to view your report online and download a PDF at any time.

Seamless revisions

Anytime you publish an update to the report, the content at all your links is updated (like magic!).  Version numbers are almost a thing of the past.

All production report features

Detailed times

Include times for everything, even things like picture up, scheduled first shot, cast meal times, last person out, etc.


Cast and crew sections allow you to log work hours, overtimes, and meal penalties.

Scene lists

List and order the scenes you shot that day and the ones you didn't shoot.

Coverage tracking

Record the number of pages, scenes, and setups taken as well as camera and sound rolls.

Cast time logs

List all your cast with detailed times/penalties like might be found on the SAG Exhibit G

Departments & crew

The back of the report includes a complete list of all the crew members, grouped by department

Extras and stand-ins

List extras, stand-ins or doubles in their own section.

Download PDF

Download a PDF of the production report at anytime.

Printer ready

The call sheet templated is designed to be printer-friendly and ink-saving.

Single or multi-page

You can completely customize your page size and where you want page breaks to occur.


You can include a custom watermark on PDF downloads to denote draft versions.

Custom branding

With the custom branding add-on, you can upload your own header logo and remove SetHero branding.