SetHero vs StudioBinder

SetHero — the StudioBinder alternative for truly professional call sheets.

Discover why producers and ADs are switching from StudioBinder for their call sheet workflows for the ultimate production advantage.
StudioBinder alternative - SetHero

Why producers and ADs ❤️ SetHero

SetHero is a powerful StudioBinder alternative for film production companies who want greater professionalism and flexibility from their call sheets.

Best Call Sheet Template


Professional design, meets industry standards

Your call sheet represents your brand. Ditch the dilemma between clunky Excel templates or alternatives that look amateurish.

SetHero masterfully fuses professional industry standards with polished design, delivering a call sheet that’s both visually stunning and fully compliant.

Powerful Customizations


Customize your call sheets your way

Your production is unique; your call sheets should be too. Unleash your creativity and forget the constraints of rigid templates. SetHero allows you to customize your call sheets, ensuring your call sheets are as unique and dynamic as your production.

Advanced Importing and Exporting


Set your data free!

Sick of your data being trapped in silos? Us too. That’s why we built SetHero with robust import and export options.

While some alternatives out there (like StudioBinder) require payment just to download a PDF of your call sheet, we consider this basic functionality — and it’s always free. We even allow you to export your call sheet to Excel!

Amazing customer support


Get help in hours, not days

To some companies, you’re just a number. Not to us! We’re a relentlessly customer-centric company. You matter to us, and we’ll respond with lightning speed to help you out.

Feature Comparison - SetHero vs StudioBinder

In the fast-paced world of film production, choosing the right call sheet tool can make all the difference. As you navigate the options, SetHero and StudioBinder often emerge as top contenders. Both have strengths and both have weaknesses. But which is best for you?

This feature comparison chart shows the key aspects of each platform. By examining the strengths and weaknesses of each of these incredible cinematic tools, you’ll be able to make the best kind of decision: a well-informed one that aligns with your specific film production’s needs and workflow preferences.

Feature SetHero StudioBinder
Call Sheets
• Call sheet builder
• Publish via SMS
• Mobile call sheet (mobile app style) (single page style)
• Advanced Schedules
• Advanced Page Options (multi pages, legal sizes, etc)
• Printer-Friendly
Production Reports
• Instant PR from call sheet
• Crew in/out times
• Automatic OT calculation
• Detailed Actor Times (SAG ready)
Importing / Exporting -
• Import contacts from Excel
• Import scenes from Excel
• Export call sheets to Excel
• Movie Magic Scheduling import
Script Writing / Breakdowns
Shot Lists / Storyboards
Pricing Per-Project & Subscription Subscription only
• Subscription Starting Price $19/mo $29/mo
• Multi-collaborators included (multiple users included in pricing tiers) (pay more everytime you add a user)
• Annual Discount Save 33% Save 15%

Why choose SetHero over StudioBinder?

Producers and Assistant Director’s choose SetHero over StudioBinder because of its emphasis on powerful call sheet capabilities. SetHero offers a live call sheet builder, custom banners, feature film-ready templates, advanced page options, and printer-friendly formatting and an all in an industry-standard format. These features enable a more flexible and professional call sheet experience which can be crucial for film production companies that require detailed call sheets for their projects.

Another aspect that might lead you to select SetHero is its instant production reports generated directly from the call sheet. This feature allows for easy department out time additions, SAG actor times, live sharing, streamlining the process of tracking progress, and keeping your team on schedule. Additionally, SetHero offers both one-time and subscription payment options, a free tier, and a free trial of pro plans, providing more pricing flexibility compared to StudioBinder’s subscription-only model. These factors make SetHero an attractive choice for those seeking a robust call sheet-focused tool with versatile pricing options.

Why choose StudioBinder over SetHero?

One reason to choose StudioBinder over SetHero is its comprehensive suite of pre-production and production management features. StudioBinder offers script breakdowns, element tagging, shot lists, storyboards, stripboard schedules, and task management. These features allow for a more seamless workflow and a unified platform to manage various aspects of your production process, which can be vital for production companies looking to streamline their work.

Another compelling reason to select StudioBinder is its focus on team collaboration. With StudioBinder, you can assign tasks within the platform, facilitating better communication and organization among team members. These collaborative features, combined with the platform’s extensive pre-production tools, make StudioBinder an appealing choice for filmmakers seeking a one-stop-shop production management solution.

Our Final Consensus:

StudioBinder shines as a one-stop-shop software for general filmmakers,
whereas SetHero champions a more robust, dedicated call sheet and PR solution.

StudioBinder shines as a one-stop-shop software for general filmmakers,
whereas SetHero champions a more robust, dedicated call sheet and PR solution.

SetHero is right for you if…

You are a professional 2nd AD or Producer

SetHero was built by a former 2nd AD, and you can tell. It was designed to cater specifically to the needs of industry experts, and it provides comprehensive tools and features that streamline the production process, ensuring efficient coordination, scheduling, and organization on set. With SetHero, you can confidently manage your projects and enhance your productivity like never before.

You need robust call sheet customization

If you require extensive customization options for your call sheets, SetHero is the perfect choice for you. With its robust features, SetHero allows you to tailor your call sheets to meet your specific needs. You’ll also ensure that the call sheets always look good in printed format.

You are working on a larger project, such as a feature film

The larger the project, the more details you need to fit on the call sheet and the more “standardized” your templates will have to become. SetHero shines in this area, as it was originally created for larger form projects.

You need clear pricing that you can budget for

SetHero offers clear pricing, with simple terms. If you want to pay for only a single project, know exactly what to budget for you by calculating the cost upfront and paying one-time. With our subscription pricing option, you can pay monthly or yearly, with the option to upgrade or cancel at any time.

You need production reports

Turn a call sheet into a production report in one click! Then, customize from there with any changes from the day. This is an ideal way to speed up your production report workflow and save time and hassle!

StudioBinder is right for you if…

You prefer a simple, one-size fits all solution

If you’re looking for the one software that does a little bit of everything, StudioBinder may be suitable for you! SetHero is purposefully not software that tries to do everything, but rather a powerful tool that specifically focuses on the needs of producers and assistant directors during production.

You're looking for script software

Sometimes people come to us looking for a place to write their script. If this is you, StudioBinder (or another scriptwriting software) will be a better bet for you. We’re purely focused on creating world-class software for production needs, such as call sheets and production reports.

Importing / exporting data doesn't matter much to you

StudioBinder does a great job at creating an easy ecosystem you can work within, but it’s not the best for importing and exporting data. If you need to be able to import or export from Excel, then SetHero is probably a better choice. But if not, then StudioBinder may be totally suitable!

Flexible pricing that’s built for production.

Per-project pricing options

Ditch the subscription! With SetHero, you can pay a one-time cost per project.

Collaborators included

We allow adding project admins without the costly upgrade required by StudioBinder.

Save more with annual plans

Get 4 months free when you switch to an annual plan. That’s twice the discount that StudioBinder offers!

Starting at:

per month
Intuitive, world-class call sheet software for filmmakers.
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Cost comparison scenario:

Half the cost, twice the value.

Let’s run the numbers! Let’s say you are a production company with 25 projects per year and 5 admins.

Import Data from StudioBinder to SetHero

Import your StudioBinder data today:

When you’re ready to evaluate SetHero, let our team help you migrate your existing data over to SetHero. This can usually be done within 1-2 business days, and is completely free!

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Trusted by top companies in media production:

Trusted by top companies in media production:

Trusted by thousands. Loved by all.

Here’s what our customers say:

I’m a huge fan of SetHero. I have been making call sheets for 20 years and you guys cracked it! By far the best, most intuitive, and dare I say fun to use call sheet solution out there.


Jason MooreFilm Professor @ Brooklyn College

I have been getting lots of positive feedback on the call sheets. Basically, you are making me look like a rock star with the cast and crew!


Sali DiamondFilm Producer

I just want to give SetHero the hugest shout-out. It has changed lives at our production company in the best way.


Jacob BarkeyCEO @ Sawmill Creative