Infographic – Film Crew Departments and Positions

A film set is a complex and layered organism. This high-res infographic visually maps out the crew departments on a film production and explains each position and role, from development through distribution.

Preview of this infographic which breaks down the various film crew positions and departments.


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Let's face it. Remembering film crew positions can be hard.

That's why we've prepared this helpful Infographic for you! Not only will it save you time and headaches, but it will have other people you work with impressed with your professionalism.

Features of this Film Crew Positions Infographic:

  • Comprehensive Overview: This infographic offers an helpful overview by detailing various film crew departments and positions involved in each phase of the film production process, from pre-production through distribution. It serves as an essential reference covering all key roles.
  • Clear Visual Hierarchy: The infographic utilizes a clear visual hierarchy by organizing information into distinct segments for Above the Line, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution teams. It also uses iconic imagery and color coding for quick comprehension of roles.
  • Educational Aid: By clearly outlining responsibilities across film crews, this infographic is an indispensable educational aid, perfect for helping learning filmmakers learn more about how to collaborate and network.
  • Beautiful and Helpful Design: With its professional, polished aesthetic utilizing concise labeling and color coding, the infographic is suitable for various settings while remaining practical as a print-friendly reference.
  • Time-Saving Reference: By providing a comprehensive at-a-glance overview of film production roles, this infographic serves as a time-saving reference so users can focus more on creative or managerial tasks.

Preview of this infographic which breaks down the various film crew positions and departments.

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