January 1, 2024

Letter from SetHero CEO, Luke DeBoer

Happy new year, filmmakers!

As we step into 2024, I want to take a moment to thank you for choosing SetHero, and joining our mission to transform the way film production teams work together on set.

I started SetHero as an AD. I was tired of wrangling Excel formulas all day just to send out a decent call sheet. I wanted a tool that was professional, modern, and efficient.

Today, SetHero call sheets are trusted by hundreds of productions in 70+ countries. Your embrace of our product is truly inspiring. Thank you!

Some highlights from 2023

Looking back, we accomplished quite a lot this past year:

What’s ahead in 2024

We’ve got big plans ahead! Here are some things to expect this year:

  • 🚀 Faster product improvements. We’re excited to bring more product enhancements your way in 2024. Expect faster development cycles and more frequent updates. Hopefully you’ve noticed a few of the recent improvements we made. If you haven’t already, visit our product board to vote on or suggest the features you’re dying to see.
  • 🗣️ More communication & collaboration: People prefer transparency over perfection. We want to share more with you — helpful content, free resources, insights, and real talk from real people — not PR fluff.
  • 🫶🏽 And most importantly, elevating you — our customers: One of my favorite parts of SetHero is our customers. We’re thrilled to start shining a spotlight on some of the incredible production companies you’ve built, projects you’ve produced, and stories you’ve told. Got something to share? Click here.

Product direction

In 2024, SetHero’s core product focus will be giving you more customization and greater flexibility with your call sheets: customizing fields, adding multiple logos, using block shooting rather than scenes, featuring clients, and even simplifying your call sheets. We’ll also be working on more integrations with other tools and parts of your workflows.

We strive to be the go-to call sheet solution for pro-level producers and ADs who value excellenceprofessionalism, and efficiency!

Want to talk more?

If you have connections to skilled professionals in the tech / startup space, investors, or resources that could make a meaningful difference in our story, we invite you to share those with us by emailing hello@sethero.com.

And please share SetHero with friends and fellow filmmakers. Let’s give every producer and AD a better call sheet experience!

Let’s have a great year!

In closing, I’m deeply honored to get to belong to, build for, and create with this community. I’m pumped to continue the journey together in 2024.

Let’s make it happen! 🥂


Luke DeBoer
CEO / Founder

Our Vision

We are on a mission to transform the way film production teams work together on set.

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